Ohio Hispanic Coalition

Promotoras de Salud

The Ohio Hispanic Coalition founded the Promotoras de Salud program in 1997, when it was adapted from a program used in Arizona to engage Hispanic/Latino immigrants.  Promotoras de Salud are community health workers that not only speak the language of the community, but also come from the community.  Once trained by the Ohio Hispanic Coalition, they return to their community to educate and inform Limited English Proficient (LEP) people about health-related matters and to interpret between LEP patients and social service/health providers.

Picture1Promotoras de Salud can be both clinic-based and community-based.  The clinic-based Promotoras work at health clinics throughout Columbus that provide services to low-income individuals.  The community-based Promotoras perform education and outreach directly in the community by visiting local businesses, churches, and schools. Some other responsibilities of the clinic-based Promotoras de Salud may include, but are not limited to, following up with patients, assist patients in understanding medication, treatments, and assist in the daily operations of the clinics by answering phones, calling patients, setting appointments, reviewing and/or filing medical charts if necessary.

Promotoras de Salud are distinct from Interpreters because of their ability to engage with the people that they are working with. Interpreters are restricted as language assistants who are to interpret all that said in the manner in which it was said, without adding, omitting or changing anything. Interpreters are, by the nature of the standards, neutral third parties, who cannot become familiar with patients, who must keep a professional distance and must never advise or educate the patient.

Feria y Instalación de Silla Infantil

La Coalición Hispana de Ohio ofrece ferias y instalaciones de sillas infantiles durante el año, estos son patrocinados por la Oficina de Seguridad de el Gobernador de Carretera. El propósito del programa es educar a la gente Latina sobre: leyes de tráfico, el uso del cinturón de seguridad, el uso de sillas infantiles y los efectos negativos de manejar bajo la influencia.

La Coalición tiene empleados con la certificación de sillas infantiles que pueden educar y instalar sillas infantiles para familias.